Customer Testimonials

I am thrilled to have made contact with Ty Mauger at leading Edge Entertainment. I have been an audiophile since I was a teenager in the 1970's and have always been very particular about my music and sound. After going to a couple of audio shows in Vancouver recently my wife convinced me that it was time to upgrade our speakers. Over the years I have developed an aversion to audio stores and audio sales people. They always seem to have a pushy agenda of their own which usually doesn't match mine. Calling around after doing my own research I found Ty who, long story short, seemed to have exactly what I didn't know I was looking for, and even better, very competitive pricing. What a relief to find a sales person who spoke my language. I ended up buying a great pair of Totem Wind speakers from Ty that other sales people tried to talk me out of because they weren't the latest model. I later upgraded all my cables to Totem as well, which Ty made it very easy to do even though I was way, way over my budget by this time. It's just that the Totems sounded so good and I knew they could sound even better. To conclude, I wish that more people in the audio business were like Ty. My suggestion is to do some of your own research and then call him. Chances are he'll have access to exactly what you didn't know you needed.



As we planned to build our house we wanted a built in audio system and media room. It was very frustrating to find the right system and people to give us answers to our questions.

When going through an open house that had an audio system we noticed that Leading Edge Entertainment had installed the system by Ty Mauger. I gave him a call and he explained the Colorado V Net System to me briefly but more importantly suggested to meet us at our new house construction and talk further. We met the next day and Ty's approach was professional and thorough as he explained the system at a level that we could understand.

We quickly developed a trust in Ty. He was able to put together a package within our budget and during the process made adjustments to create a system compatible to our liking.

Ty's work is neat and organized and he always informed us when and how the work would be carried out. Ty is easy to work with, very personable and prompt in getting back to us with any questions we had. It was a real pleasure working with Ty. We would highly recommend him and will certainly use Leading Edge Entertainment again.


Ed and Laurel