Automation service installations can include anything from automated lighting, automated comfort, and automated shade.

If your home is in need of upgraded, centrally controlled lighting, shade that responds to the sun, or heating and cooling that ensures a home in complete comfort then Leading Edge Entertainment is the company to make that happen.

Explore the services we can offer and get in touch to start a conversation about how we can make your home a comfortable oasis.


HiFi Audio

A home with responsive and independent audio systems, wired throughout each room is our speciality.  Create zones in your home that can be controlled centrally or independently.

At Leading Edge Entertainment we are experts at hiding and disguising speakers and other audio equipment to seamlessly integrate these HiFi components within your home.

Discover the many HiFi Audio options available to you.


Home Cinema

One of our most popular services is the subtle and seamless integration of high-quality home cinema equipment into your home or media room.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing lounge with new equipment or start from scratch with a blank canvas, Leading Edge Entertainment will wow you with the home cinema possibilities.


Integrated Services

We specialize in working directly with construction contractors to pre-wire homes for HiFi audio and home theatre applications.  We can liaise with your contractors for project managements services, while also working directly with you to design the ideal smart home.

Work with Leading Edge Entertainment as you design your new or renovated home.



Create your modern and secure smart home with Leading Edge Entertainment.  We install security systems of numerous types and configurations that can meet any security expectations you have for your home.

Our skilled installers seamlessly integrate cameras, keypads, and other essential security devices that ensure your home is as secure as possible.