Creating your modern smart home

Automated Lighting

Create beautiful lighting options for your home that can be controlled at a touch or respond to exterior lighting conditions.  Make your interior ambience perfect for any occasion through specialized programming and design.

Whether you need a completely automated system or an upgraded digital lighting centre, Leading Edge Entertainment can implement technology that meets your unique needs.

Automated Comfort

From pre-programmed heading and cooling, to smart comfort systems that respond to the exterior environment, Leading Edge Entertainment will ensure your home is just right for you and your family.

Work with us and develop a program for your home that is seamless and automatic and responds to your specific needs.

Automated Shade

Ambience in your home is set by a combination of lighting and shade.  Blinds and curtains can be programmed to rise or descend at the touch of a button, at a specific time of day, or even to respond to lighting cues.

Make your home the comfortable place you deserve through integration of an automated shade system with Leading Edge Entertainment. We will work with you to achieve the ideal combination of automation and control.