The Sunday game is on.  You could watch the game in the theatre, but the living room is closer to the BBQ….and the guys want burgers and beers…but geez it’s hard to see the game through the glare and reflections….

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice viewing quality no matter what environment your tv is in.  The quality of your viewing though, is dependent on the tv you hang on each particular wall in each particular room.  If you know anything about tvs, you know a tv isn’t just a tv any more and not all tvs are the same.  There’s aloooooot of choice out there nowadays.  The key is to be aware, educate yourself and choose wisely with logic.

Many of the more modern homes are featuring beautiful open spaces with ultra high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.  The design is magnificent and the natural light does wonders for the soul…but that light can wreak havoc on your tv watching pleasure if you don’t install the right tv for the environment.  To ensure a clear bright viewing experience in a bright light room, you need to consider reflections, glare and image brightness.

Many brands including Samsung, LG and Sony offer anti-glare tvs.  Our personal choice is the Samsung QLED Q80 series, which comes in a variety of sizes to suit your room.  The QLED tvs offer unparrelled picture brightness and anti-glary.  As per Samsung’s website:  “A QLED TV is a Quantum dot-based TV, and that Quantum dot material is what makes QLED TVs different from conventional ones.  Quantum dots are ultra-fine semiconductor materials of nanoscale size. These dots produce different colours of light depending on the particle size—the larger the size the more red the colour, and the smaller the size the more blue the colour. They are able to emit precise coloured light because particle sizes adjust at quantum-level velocities, resulting in accurate and efficient light emissions. The greater efficiency
in luminance brings about tremendous changes in overall picture quality.

The Samsung Q80, Q90, and Q900 series TVs have a special triple-layer screen technology that drastically cuts down on reflections and glare.  The glare-reducing technology also significantly enhances black levels and off-angle viewing.

If you are lucky enough to have a living room surrounded by walls of windows, you can’t beat the performance of a Samsung Q series tv.  In fact, I’d say your castle isn’t complete without it – it’s a necessity for full functionality of the room.

Let us assess your bright light room for a new, better tv so you can focus on burgers, beers and the game.  We can’t wait to help you – we love what we do!