Summer is coming, and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outdoors.  With Covid forcing everyone to stay home and get creative to entertain themselves and their families, there has been a lot of interest in outdoor entertainment areas.  You might be tempted if you have a covered deck or veranda to just hang a regular tv out there….I mean why not?!  Actually….there are a lot of reasons why NOT!!!


The outdoor elements create a nightmare environment for an indoor tv.  The humidity, condensation, frost, dust, direct sunlight, bugs and shock all create risks for your tv even when under cover. It won’t take long for your outdoor entertainment area to succumb to the weather and likely become unuseable altogether.


How much fun will it be watching the Sunday football game when the images aren’t visible because of the sun shining or the glare blinds you and your buddies.  Chances are you won’t be the hotspot for Sunday afternoons if the boys can’t see the game!  The direct sunlight is a big problem even for the smartest smart tvs that autoadjust their brightness depending on the light.


TVs runs on electricity, and outside, your TV will be exposed to significant moisture. Your screen may go on the blink due to the copper head conductors corroding, but you could also lose your TV to a short circuit.  However, on a really bad day, the powerful electrical charge will blow a fuse in your house and take out all the appliances attached to it, which sadly may include some casualties which could be very expensive.

There is a reason that that audio video manufacturers put user manuals for their products in the box you take home.  There is always a big clear section on the proper and improper use for the products, and a warning that indicates that warranties won’t apply if the product is used improperly. There will be no replacement sent and no refunds offered. You will be stuck, because even if you play dumb and say you don’t know what happened to TV (innocent shoulder shrug), it will be evident within seconds of opening the back of your tv what actually happened.  It will undoubtedly rank high on your list of most embarrassing moments.

In the end, unless you want to haul your tv in and out – and only on dry mild overcast days – crossing your fingers you don’t drop it, you would be wise to just accept the reality you need an outdoor television.  When you factor in the potential risks and financial losses you could incur by cutting corners the costs for a proper outdoor TV aren’t that bad – and ensure that Sunday games are always a hit on your patio!

We carry a wide selection of outdoor televisions and speakers for every budget.  These products are specifically designed to withstand the elements and provide you the ultimate in outdoor entertainment no matter what mother nature throws at you.  As well, you will be surprised at the vast options available for products that will blend right in with your outdoor environment – – technology has come a LONG way in this regard and audio video products are now a decor item as well as a functional item!  Summer will be here before you know it, so call now to discuss how we can create for your family the perfect outdoor entertainment oasis.  It will cost you less than the family vacation you had to cancel this year and provide entertainment for the whole family for A LOT longer!